Boscolie ended their seven years of relationship in terms of long seperation

I feel completely deppressed after the news. There are a few unknown things like why it happen and what cause this to happen? On the other hand, seven years are quite a long terms for actor and actress, we should still be supportive of Myolie and Bosco seperately. Wish them a better new chapter in life and relationship. Maybe one day they’ll end up together again.


Myolie trusts Bosco did not take advantage of her absences to play

Myolie Wu and Kevin Cheng attended a BMW car promotion activities. Speaking of Bosco’s earlier drunken behavior at a nightclub and was surrounded by sexy girls, she kindly said: “I have acknowledge the issue. He did not take advantage of my absences to play, I always give him a degree of freedom, and their business friends of his, chatting and socializing is normal, he was pleased to do his personal life, to me its not a big deal.” (Will you twist his ears?) “yes, he will also buy me a new car, just kidding! For him to be surrounded by girls are very common and that just proves that he’s a popular man that girls and guys wanted to reach.” Kevin Cheng also praised Myolie as kind-hearted girlfriend to Bosco and hope to find his true love someday.

Johnson Lee wants to trade with Bosco Wong and be Myolie Wu ‘real man’

TV Queen Myolie Wu and ‘King of Imitations’ Johnson Lee collaborates for the first time as a married couple in new comedy series Wish and Switch. Although the series is broadcasting over Lunar New Year, Myolie is not worried the ratings would drag down by the holiday. She supports Johnson as the next ‘Housewife Killer’. She said: “Johnson is very cute bring a Little Man, also the theme of the series is refreshing and touching. I have confidence in the TV ratings!” Myolie expressed she and Selena Li trade lives through a mysterious trading website. In a split second, she goes from a housewife to a millionaire’s daughter-in-law. However, in the end she couldn’t switch her life back and causes a huge mess. Greed caused all the troubles!

When asked who he wants to trade lives with in real life? Johnson laughed: “I want to be Bosco [Wong]! Wait until Myolie is off from work and then ask her out, haha!” He exposed in the series, he treated Myolie just as if she’s his ‘wife’, loving her and making her happy. Unfortunately, in reality Bosco is her real man that can capture Myolie’s affections. As for Myolie, she hopes to be a man: “I want to be Johnson Lee, be just as comical as him!” She expressed she will no longer allow herself to shoot scenes where she has to torture herself: “In this series, I got shampoo squirted all over my face, and got skin allergies during the bathtub scenes, so I rather shoot ‘normal series’ instead.”

Now if there really is a mysterious website in reality, Myolie hopes to be like ‘Blueberry’ Kirby Lau and have her body shape like a model: “Her arms and legs are so thin, and she has a career line. I don’t have those!” Johnson says no to trading things: “Let’s not! After this series, I learned a huge lesson, won’t trade anything even if I die. (Trade for the TV King title?) Worthless, if it’s yours then it’s yours!”

Miss Chinese International 2012 (Guest Judge)

Myolie Wu and Michael Tse was the guest judges at the Miss Chinese International 2012.


Myolie Wu is more than willing to get scolded by Francis Ng

TVB series Wish and Switch will be broadcasting tonight (1/3/12). The two lead actresses in the series Myolie Wu and Selena Li were dressed in Snow White costumes as if they were twins. The two were accompanied by the other cast members Johnson Lee and Vincent Wong to a school to play with the children. During the promotion, Myolie suddenly blurted out: “Angela Tong is getting married soon!” Angela quickly shouted that she’s not.

Since the series is broadcasting during the Lunar New Year holidays, many viewers will be out on vacations, is Myolie worried about the ratings being affected? Myolie calmly said: “In the past, I had other series broadcast during this period, just like last year’s The Rippling Blossom, which ended up being the top 5 rated series of 2011. So, the outcomes are hard to predict. I do not dare to say I’m a rating guaranteed artist, but I can say the story of this series is refreshing and there are sparks in my collaboration with Johnson. I have my expectations as well.”

Regarding the past reports being brought up again that when Myolie, who was considered a newcomer at the time, collaborated with Francis Ng in Triumph in the Skies, she was scolded by her seniors and criticized of her poor acting. Today, Myolie has become the TV Queen, but she doesn’t feel insulted. She said: “Even if my seniors scolded me back then, it does not mean they had bad intentions, it is for my own good. I am more than willing to be scolded. I am fortunate that Francis brought this topic up again and cleared up the whole incident. I really do hope we can collaborate again this May in Triumph in the Skies II and I can learn from him.”

Wish and Switch Officially Airs

Wish and Switch officially airs on TVB and TVB Jade starting January 3, 2012. Support Myolie from Monday till Friday starting today.

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Bosco and Myolie works just 5 minutes away

Myolie Wu and Bosco Wong coincidentally appeared in the Tsuen Wan district for two separate countdown events, they were only 5 minutes away from one another! Myolie said: “We didn’t deliberately set this up, but we may meet up later tonight. (Do you want to make money as a couple team?) It’s enjoyable, I am not expensive.” On the other side, Bosco quickly expressed: “We shall be the Lunar New Year couple team!”

Myolie Wu unsure of Bosco Wong’s 50 million net worth; Yahoo! Buzz Awards Results

It was rumored that Bosco Wong’s net worth reaches 50 million, his girlfriend Myolie Wu attended the Yahoo! Asia Buzz Awards 2011 last night and expressed she was unsure of the news. She said: “I don’t know why there are such reports, will have to ask him. Now is that 50 million HK Dollar r is it the Korean Won? If he does have 50 million, I will have to work even harder to earn money!”

Myolie expressed she and her boyfriend are financially independent. They will not talk about their incomes nor will they save money together. Everything she buys is purchased with her own money. Asked if she knows whether or not Bosco is saving money now? She said: “I don’t know, I didn’t ask. We are both working hard on our jobs. Hearing you all talk about this, I also have to work harder to save a few 100 millions of the Japanese yen.”

Myolie was presented with the Yahoo! Most Popular Searched 2011’s ‘Most Popular TV Actress Award’ along with Moses Chan, who won the ‘Most Popular TV Actor Award’.

Myolie Wu wearing 5-inch heels proving pregnancy rumors false

TV King and Queen Kevin Cheng and Myolie Wu were the guests for the ribbon cutting ceremony of GOLDAL TIMEPIECES watch brand. Myolie wore 5-inch heels and a low-cut dress to kill off the pregnancy rumors, she said: “I think people won’t believe the rumor now.” Kevin also denied his net worth rapidly increasing and making 20 million in just half a year. Kevin and Myolie are inexpensive artists to use. However, when speaking of When Heaven Burns banned in Mainland, both were speechless and only said this question is hard to answer.

It was reported Myolie is seeing a Chinese doctor for her pregnancy? Myolie denied the pregnancy rumors and expressed she only went to see the Chinese doctor because of a cough that has been troubling her for several months. Did Bosco go with you to the doctor? “In fact, that day I was getting a lift from him. I’ve been suffering from a cough for several months, and a friend recommended me to go see a Chinese doctor. I knew the media would photograph me and the pregnancy questions would come up. I promise everyone, if there is any big events happening in my life, I will tell everyone about it!”

Kevin, standing besides Myolie, interrupted: “Actually I’m quite gossipy myself, I sent her a SMS asking her if its true and if so congrats!” Myolie laughed and refuted him: “Because he (Kevin) wants children himself!” Recently it has been constantly rumored that Kevin got back together with either Charmaine Sheh or Niki Chow, but Kevin said there is still “no one” that wants to have children with him: “Ai, me and my big mouth. (Then did you get back together with them?) The reports changes so quickly that even I can’t keep track of it. All I can say is I am friends with both Charmaine and Niki.”

When speaking of Kevin’s net worth having a triple jump after he became a ‘3 award’ TV King and even defeating ‘King of Gold Digging’ Moses Chan. It was rumored his Mainland per episode salary went from HK$250,000 to HK$300,000 and makes some 20 million in just half a year. Regarding this, Kevin said: “Can’t trust the rumors and don’t have to get so serious. If I earn 20 million in half a year, I would have 40 million in a year, then that means I won’t have to work anymore after a few years. I also hope to be the ‘King of Gold Digging’, who doesn’t want to make 40 million a year?” Myolie was also said to have gotten a salary jump from 80,000 RMB to 120,000 RMB per episode. She said this is a business secret and just kept saying she’s very ‘inexpensive’.