Myolie Wu wearing 5-inch heels proving pregnancy rumors false

TV King and Queen Kevin Cheng and Myolie Wu were the guests for the ribbon cutting ceremony of GOLDAL TIMEPIECES watch brand. Myolie wore 5-inch heels and a low-cut dress to kill off the pregnancy rumors, she said: “I think people won’t believe the rumor now.” Kevin also denied his net worth rapidly increasing and making 20 million in just half a year. Kevin and Myolie are inexpensive artists to use. However, when speaking of When Heaven Burns banned in Mainland, both were speechless and only said this question is hard to answer.

It was reported Myolie is seeing a Chinese doctor for her pregnancy? Myolie denied the pregnancy rumors and expressed she only went to see the Chinese doctor because of a cough that has been troubling her for several months. Did Bosco go with you to the doctor? “In fact, that day I was getting a lift from him. I’ve been suffering from a cough for several months, and a friend recommended me to go see a Chinese doctor. I knew the media would photograph me and the pregnancy questions would come up. I promise everyone, if there is any big events happening in my life, I will tell everyone about it!”

Kevin, standing besides Myolie, interrupted: “Actually I’m quite gossipy myself, I sent her a SMS asking her if its true and if so congrats!” Myolie laughed and refuted him: “Because he (Kevin) wants children himself!” Recently it has been constantly rumored that Kevin got back together with either Charmaine Sheh or Niki Chow, but Kevin said there is still “no one” that wants to have children with him: “Ai, me and my big mouth. (Then did you get back together with them?) The reports changes so quickly that even I can’t keep track of it. All I can say is I am friends with both Charmaine and Niki.”

When speaking of Kevin’s net worth having a triple jump after he became a ‘3 award’ TV King and even defeating ‘King of Gold Digging’ Moses Chan. It was rumored his Mainland per episode salary went from HK$250,000 to HK$300,000 and makes some 20 million in just half a year. Regarding this, Kevin said: “Can’t trust the rumors and don’t have to get so serious. If I earn 20 million in half a year, I would have 40 million in a year, then that means I won’t have to work anymore after a few years. I also hope to be the ‘King of Gold Digging’, who doesn’t want to make 40 million a year?” Myolie was also said to have gotten a salary jump from 80,000 RMB to 120,000 RMB per episode. She said this is a business secret and just kept saying she’s very ‘inexpensive’.


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