Johnson Lee wants to trade with Bosco Wong and be Myolie Wu ‘real man’

TV Queen Myolie Wu and ‘King of Imitations’ Johnson Lee collaborates for the first time as a married couple in new comedy series Wish and Switch. Although the series is broadcasting over Lunar New Year, Myolie is not worried the ratings would drag down by the holiday. She supports Johnson as the next ‘Housewife Killer’. She said: “Johnson is very cute bring a Little Man, also the theme of the series is refreshing and touching. I have confidence in the TV ratings!” Myolie expressed she and Selena Li trade lives through a mysterious trading website. In a split second, she goes from a housewife to a millionaire’s daughter-in-law. However, in the end she couldn’t switch her life back and causes a huge mess. Greed caused all the troubles!

When asked who he wants to trade lives with in real life? Johnson laughed: “I want to be Bosco [Wong]! Wait until Myolie is off from work and then ask her out, haha!” He exposed in the series, he treated Myolie just as if she’s his ‘wife’, loving her and making her happy. Unfortunately, in reality Bosco is her real man that can capture Myolie’s affections. As for Myolie, she hopes to be a man: “I want to be Johnson Lee, be just as comical as him!” She expressed she will no longer allow herself to shoot scenes where she has to torture herself: “In this series, I got shampoo squirted all over my face, and got skin allergies during the bathtub scenes, so I rather shoot ‘normal series’ instead.”

Now if there really is a mysterious website in reality, Myolie hopes to be like ‘Blueberry’ Kirby Lau and have her body shape like a model: “Her arms and legs are so thin, and she has a career line. I don’t have those!” Johnson says no to trading things: “Let’s not! After this series, I learned a huge lesson, won’t trade anything even if I die. (Trade for the TV King title?) Worthless, if it’s yours then it’s yours!”


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