Myolie trusts Bosco did not take advantage of her absences to play

Myolie Wu and Kevin Cheng attended a BMW car promotion activities. Speaking of Bosco’s earlier drunken behavior at a nightclub and was surrounded by sexy girls, she kindly said: “I have acknowledge the issue. He did not take advantage of my absences to play, I always give him a degree of freedom, and their business friends of his, chatting and socializing is normal, he was pleased to do his personal life, to me its not a big deal.” (Will you twist his ears?) “yes, he will also buy me a new car, just kidding! For him to be surrounded by girls are very common and that just proves that he’s a popular man that girls and guys wanted to reach.” Kevin Cheng also praised Myolie as kind-hearted girlfriend to Bosco and hope to find his true love someday.


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