Top Affiliates

Boscolie Paradise / English news and updates for Myolie and Bosco. 
Tavia Yeung Fansite / Chinese newsource for Tavia Yeung.

Female Artists

Elegance Tavia / English newsource for Tavia Yeung.
Linda Thoughts / English newsource for Linda Chung.
Only Nancy Wu / English newsource for Nancy Wu.
Nancy Sit Fansite / Chinese newsource for Nancy Sit.
My Only Myolie  / English newsource for Myolie Wu.

Male Artists

Steven Ma Fanblog / English and Chinese news and updates of Steven Ma.
Raymond Lam Fansite / English updates for Raymond Lam Fung.

TVB Related

Forever Love TVB / English thoughts and overviews of TVB.
TVB Starlight / English news, updates and thoughts of TVB.
Hyn5 Fortunate City / English updates for TVB series and functions.
Just TVB / English news and updates for TVB.
Mic “Just TVB” / English updates of TVB series.
Simply TVB / English news and overviews of TVB.
Totally Very Best TVB / English thoughts and news for TVB.
TVB Chinese News / Chinese news and updates for TVB.
Kay’s Entertainment / English newsource for TVB.
TVB Interaction / Best English thoughts and views of TVB series.
TVB is Cool / Lyrics source for TVB songs and favorites.

 TVB Couples

Forever Charvin / English newsource for Charmaine and Kevin.
Bermo and Boscolie  / English thoughts and news of Boscolie.


Graphix Focus / Graphics source for TVB and favorites.
Yue Mei’s HQ / Graphics source for TVB and favorites.

Personal / Others

Anne Heung’s Blog / Personal thoughts and overviews for TVB.
Just No Regrets / English news, updates and everything No Regrets.
S.H.E Together Forever / English newsource for S.H.E and other Korean’s favorites.

  1. Hey Lily! Sorry for the really late reply…just ended exams today! Just added ur site as affies 😀

  2. Hi Lily: Would like to apply for affiliates at our newly build Tavia Yeung Fansite! Have Link u

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