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Myolie Wu unsure of Bosco Wong’s 50 million net worth; Yahoo! Buzz Awards Results

It was rumored that Bosco Wong’s net worth reaches 50 million, his girlfriend Myolie Wu attended the Yahoo! Asia Buzz Awards 2011 last night and expressed she was unsure of the news. She said: “I don’t know why there are such reports, will have to ask him. Now is that 50 million HK Dollar r is it the Korean Won? If he does have 50 million, I will have to work even harder to earn money!”

Myolie expressed she and her boyfriend are financially independent. They will not talk about their incomes nor will they save money together. Everything she buys is purchased with her own money. Asked if she knows whether or not Bosco is saving money now? She said: “I don’t know, I didn’t ask. We are both working hard on our jobs. Hearing you all talk about this, I also have to work harder to save a few 100 millions of the Japanese yen.”

Myolie was presented with the Yahoo! Most Popular Searched 2011’s ‘Most Popular TV Actress Award’ along with Moses Chan, who won the ‘Most Popular TV Actor Award’.