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TVB Weekly #749


TV Queen Battle Against Fala Chen, “I can not lose!”

This year’s TV King and Queen battle is heating up. For now, the TV King battle is between Michael Tse and Kevin Cheng, whereas the TV Queen is just simply between Fala Chen and Myolie Wu.

Although Fala’s strict Madam Jo role in Lives of Omission was well-received by audience and she got TVB Executives (Virgina Lok and Stephen Chan) strong support, she only has 1 series on hand. Myolie, on the other hand, had The Rippling Blossom broadcast earlier this year as well as the upcoming Curse of the Royal Harem. First time playing a villain, Myolie hopes for a breakthrough. Myolie has 3 series this year, which gives her a much higher chance for victory. It was understood that recently, Myolie has been training herself to be more fit, aside from shooting body slimming advertisements, she hopes to stand at the awards ceremony in her best physical state. She frankly said: “I have confidence, I can’t lose!”

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