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Myolie Wu is more than willing to get scolded by Francis Ng

TVB series Wish and Switch will be broadcasting tonight (1/3/12). The two lead actresses in the series Myolie Wu and Selena Li were dressed in Snow White costumes as if they were twins. The two were accompanied by the other cast members Johnson Lee and Vincent Wong to a school to play with the children. During the promotion, Myolie suddenly blurted out: “Angela Tong is getting married soon!” Angela quickly shouted that she’s not.

Since the series is broadcasting during the Lunar New Year holidays, many viewers will be out on vacations, is Myolie worried about the ratings being affected? Myolie calmly said: “In the past, I had other series broadcast during this period, just like last year’s The Rippling Blossom, which ended up being the top 5 rated series of 2011. So, the outcomes are hard to predict. I do not dare to say I’m a rating guaranteed artist, but I can say the story of this series is refreshing and there are sparks in my collaboration with Johnson. I have my expectations as well.”

Regarding the past reports being brought up again that when Myolie, who was considered a newcomer at the time, collaborated with Francis Ng in Triumph in the Skies, she was scolded by her seniors and criticized of her poor acting. Today, Myolie has become the TV Queen, but she doesn’t feel insulted. She said: “Even if my seniors scolded me back then, it does not mean they had bad intentions, it is for my own good. I am more than willing to be scolded. I am fortunate that Francis brought this topic up again and cleared up the whole incident. I really do hope we can collaborate again this May in Triumph in the Skies II and I can learn from him.”


Princess Snow White running in the heat with a smile

Recently Myolie Wu has been busy shooting for TVB new series Endless Exchange of Enjoyment. Earlier she was fortunate to take part in the Venice Film Festival as a movie star and took the advantage to go on a shopping spree. Back in HK, Myolie puts away her excitement and went back to work. The other day, she and Johnson Lee were shooting a scene relating to Snow White on the streets of Central.

The scene was about the married couple, was initially suppose to participate in their company’s party, but suddenly they were informed that a family member was hospitalized. Rushing to the hospital, Myolie and Johnson were dressed as ‘Princess Snow White’ and one of the ‘Dwarfs’ as they run hand in hand on the streets. Many onlookers stood by to watch them film, some even took pictures with their phones. During breaks, the two sat aside to study the script. As the temperatures were in the 30s (degree C), Johnson was soaked in sweat after running a few rounds in his dwarf costume. Myolie, on the other hand, although was dressed in a long dress and was sweating, maintained a wide smile the entire time.

Later, Johnson was asked if it was difficult filming in the costume? He said: “We were just shooting for an hour, it’s OK! Luckily that day we were running between two tall buildings in Central and didn’t have to have the blazing sun on us. We were also able to take breaks in the nearby shopping centers and enjoy the AC.”