Myolie will chase partner Kevin in Mainland

Myolie Wu attended a massage chair promotion activity in a strapless dress. The reporters mentioned many times about her boyfriend Boso Wong, but instead she talks about her upcoming schedule. “I just completed “Ghetto Justice 2″  and I will start shooting in Mainland in January.” She said that in Mainland she will chase her partner Kevin Cheng. Asked if Bosco will visit her in Mainland? “Both of our schedule is very busy.” As for Stephen resignation, Myolie felt pity, “I hope the other parties will be work okay without him.”

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Myolie’s Prettiness Catches the Male’s Eyes

Myolie Wu was born in Hong Kong, because her father works in the goverment, she has a benifits to study outside China. Her father sent her to study in Northern Ireland, in Methodist College in the capital of Belfast. Myolie admits she have been treated in a racial discrimination (meaning racist of skin color, cultures etc.) “I stayed in Ireland countinue to study,  United Kingdom give me scholarships, so I left. I picked London, because its a gorgeous place…. Everything was good, but from good theres also bad.”

“I was 13 years old then, had been struggle a lot with English, but I’m quite smart at Mathematics, sometimes I even feel stupid!”

“Before boys and girls usually enjoy college life, because of my Chinese side face Wu, I have won the classmates with my smartness, so more boy chased after me, but simply after two years of dating, I directly refuse to go out with that guy. Not because of not receiving gifts or presents, mainly because boys are too timid back then, they’re all afraid to say things on their mind or even send flowers or dolls! Now he’s already married, we still keep in touch, we don’t usually talk, and I haven’t seen him in a while cause I’ve been very busy in the past few years.”

Myolie Wu: With him by my side… it’s such a blessing!

Pulling through 12 years, Myolie Wu finally gets TVB’s TV Queen title. Over the years, Bosco Wong has given her the love and assistance she needed to get through the tough times in her career. All along, Myolie was unwilling to admit she was in a relationship with Bosco, but finally after being crowned queen, she confessed her love to the “man behind her” Bosco. Her one comment, “I know I am hard to bear, but you are also very hard to bear. I hope we can mutually bear one another” led to everyone cheering that they should get married. However, Myolie puts work as her priority and rationally expressed the award and marriage are two different matters, therefore she temporarily declines to marriage.
Myolie says: “Of course I am very happy to have received this award, but many people told us to get marry. I just feel the award and marriage are two different matters. I just got the award, wait until I do more acting first. I’m sure my fans are already happy enough to see me get the award, I don’t need to get married yet! Because if I get marry so fast, I will have to play mother roles. I still want to collaborate with many good actors/actresses…like ‘Man Lui’ Sheren Tang…, marriage is one of the big events in life, I want to take my time!
Depressed personality and emotional

When I’m done talking about not getting married, then many people would come ask me, then what does it mean when I said “its hard to bear”? Actually, it is because of my depressed personality, I am a pesimist. I treat everything I do and everything people say seriously. I get emotional with people… I know I am hard to bear. But as an artist, you must be more worried for it to work! Because artists basically are a little crazy (‘shot shot dei’)! As for him (Bosco), what about him that is so hard to bear? I don’t want to talk too much about other people! Let him say it himself!

Infected by Bosco’s happiness

The only bad thing I exposed about Bosco was that his tongue is short! In fact, men with short tongues is not important, if he has other good aspects then it’s fine! Bosco is very positive around people, he knows how to get along well with people and can make everyone around him happy. People would think he’s very friendly. He’s also a good actor, been a hard worker all along. Although his looks gives people the impression that he’s not a hard worker, but in fact it is opposite! Also, he has many other strengths, we match. It is really because of his happiness that infected me. I am very pesstimistic, he’s optimistic, so it’s like one out, the other in, we balance out when we come together.

Exposes Bosco’s good cooking skills

Aside from his cheerful personality, Bosco is also a good cook. He is very good at cooking. Stuff like making pasta is nothing big, even if he’s making soup out of a can, he has to add ingredients. Even salt water clams isn’t a challenge for him! It’s because he learned cooking in the hawker stalls when he was young. On the contrary, I have very limited knowledge, so I can never enter his kitchen. Sometimes I feel useless, seeing him so good at cooking, I lose interest when I get pushed out of the kitchen. However, it’s nice to have someone like him around, so blessed!

Bosco Wong: Myolie’s acting isn’t too appropriate

As Myolie’s boyfriend, Bosco Wong’s status is finally confirmed. Of course this is a happy thing. Bosco frankly said he was surprised by his girlfriend’s love confession that night: “I really didn’t know she would be saying that kind of stuff beforehand. She frightened me! But I am very happy for her, seeing that she got the award. When talking about being rushed into marriage, we don’t have plans yet. (7 year itch?) Myolie can help me scratch it off, then no itch! We both like working in this industry, let’s do more acting first!”
Myolie exposed he was hard to bear, Bosco also did not hesitate to say Myolie is too negative: “Her negative energy is too strong! Trying to kill someone?! This is something about Myolie that I think is hard to bear. Sometimes when she’s acting, it’s not too appropriate. I tell her, so she’ll feel unhappy and start yelling! (TV Queen’s acting is not appropriate?) Not sure if she watched too many Stephen Chow movies, but sometimes when she’s acting, she needs some personalization. She doesn’t have enough of that! It is just a type of reminder! When I feel my advices are right, I won’t go and try to cheer her up. Perhaps this is called ‘soft-skinned snake’ (slow and cunning). If she gets upset, then let her. If she wants to yell, then let her! So that’s why she said I’m hard to bear!”

Myolie Wu clarifies ‘restroom declaration’ wasn’t a love confession

TVB Anniversary Awards 2011 ended the night before. The hot favorites Kevin Cheng and Myolie Wu were crowned the new TV King and Queen and won the majority of audiences’ agreement. However, there are still a group of audience that felt pity for ‘Laughing Gor’ Michael Tse leaving empty-handed. There were also complaints to TVB that the results were unfair.

That night, Myolie personally forked out some money for a celebration. She and Kevin, the cast and crew of Ghetto Justice, Virgina Lok, Bosco Wong, Joyce Cheng and her boyfriend were partying until 4am. Bosco’s mother was also present to take a look at her future daughter-in-law. JJ Jia, who is currently shooting Ghetto Justice 2 was so happy for Myolie that she got drunk. When she was leaving, she was slightly out of control while she was getting into Myolie’s car.

Unhappy times, luckily Bosco was there

Yesterday afternoon, Myolie attended the Curse of the Royam Harem celebration, she laughed and expressed her acceptance speech at the awards show was not a love confession. It is just a ‘restroom declaration’. Myolie said: “I actually wanted to say I want to share the happiness with him (Bosco), but I blurted out he was hard to bear first.” She admitted that day when she heard Bosco Wong joking to reporters that he’s going to run to the restoom when they announce her TV Queen award, she felt slightly unhappy. Perhaps she’s took things too seriously, but fortunately Bosco didn’t actually leave for the restroom. Asked what is so hard to bear between her and Bosco? She said she is too serious, while Bosco is not serious enough. Now that she fulfilled her TV Queen wish, is the next step marriage planning? She said she has honestly never thought about it, but is actually focused on her work. Does she want Bosco to get TV King too? She said: “He’s so good at acting, should be soon!”

In 2006, Myolie was nominated for TV Queen for her role in To Grow With Love, but sadly lost in the competition. Thereafter, she had a period of down time. She said that time everyone thought she wanted to fight for the award, which made the whole situation so serious. She knew herself that she wasn’t qualified enough. Later after portraying many different roles, she felt it was hard to make a breakthrough and it felt like she hit a black hole. It was only until when she was shooting The Rippling Blossom with Chilam Cheung and Damian Lau that she felt a new life started. She said during the times she was unhappy, Bosco had been closely bearing with her. Asked if she officially recognized her relationship with Bosco when she got the TV Queen title? Myolie laughed and said she had recognized it.

Congratulation to Myolie for winning “My Favorite Female Character” and “Best Actress” awards. 12 years of hard work has finally paid off.

Myolie Wu still lots of job opportunities, no thoughts of marriage

The cast to Curse of the Royal Harem (CRH) including Myolie Wu, Nancy Wu, Ben Wong, Charmaine Li and Jessie Shum took part in the promotional event on an open-top bus cruising from Tsim Sha Tsui to Mong Kok. During the ride, the cast give out gifts to the people on the streets and attracted a large group of residents surrounding the scene. The large group were fighting to get the posters and gifts.

There are only 10 episodes left to CRH and the current average rating remains at 28 points (approximately 1.8 million viewers). Myolie Wu frankly expressed that’s not enough and hopes the ratings will increase and catch up to Forensic Heroes III’s success. Asked if she has confidence? She said: “Yes, because the story is getting better and better.” Myolie reveals on the finale night, the entire CRH cast will be in Kowloon Bay shopping center, watching the finale together with audience.

Will she celebrate all at once after she gets the TV Queen title? Myolie laughed: “If I get it first!” When speaking of Koni Lui announcing her marriage with boyfriend Dickson Wong? Myolie praised their love story lasted for 10 years and is truly amazing. Reporters said she and Bosco Wong went on for 7 years? She said: “Others have double digits! (Will you get marry in 3 years?) I don’t know! Modern women don’t have to be married so early. Also, this isn’t a decision I make myself.” Asked if she’s waiting for Bosco to propose to her? She said: “I am just concentrating on work now. There are still many opportunities. (Has he mentioned it?) No, no, no. I don’t know! I don’t want to say the wrong thing. Just when it’s my turn, I will tell everyone. I hope to invite everyone to a wedding banquet!”

“House of Harmony and Vengeance” Sypnosis

Note: The tittle is officially “House of Harmony and Vengeance” no longer “The Dazzling Dance of Chang’an”.

Main Actors: Bobby Auyeung, Myolie Wu, Linda Chung, Sire Ma, Makbau Cheung, Angela Tong, Grace Wong, Yoyo Chen, JJ Jia, Cheung Gok Keung

Features: In the Tang Dynasty, there is peace and prosperity in the world of dance. The Imperial Palace places much emphasis on the art of dance, and this time period is one in which the arts flourish the most in history. The stage is set in a distinguished officials’ academy, one of the three most prominent in Chang’an during the Tang Dynasty, the ‘Cheuk Lai Yuen’. The Imperial Family organise an event, in which a winner of the contest would be dubbed a Princess, in order to encourage dance and the arts. The academies that could train the winners of this contest would become that used by the Imperial Family, to prepare people about to enter the palace. In addition, the government officials and teachers of the academies would be regarded of national standard, and enjoy fame and fortune.

Main Storyline: Ko Yan is a prodigious music composer, who had been preparing take office in Cheuk Lai Yuen in Chang’an. Kiu Bo-lung is a wandering musician, and was on the run because he had killed a corrupt government official. Incidentally, the two of them ran into each other, and Ko Yan became the scapegoat for Kiu Bo-lung, and took his identity, becoming an official. Unexpectedly, Ko Yan did not die, by some miracle, but lost his memory, and began wandering around Chang’an. Bo-lung met Ko Yan once again, and having discovered that the latter had amazing potential to be a composer, Bo-lung welcomed him into Cheuk Lai Yuen, in an effort to develop his own career. The two of them then build up a mutually appreciative friendship.

Ko Yan has a fiance named Yeuk Yin, and because of a guilty conscience, Bo-lung cancelled the wedding, causing Yeuk Yin’s hatred of him to turn to love instead. Ko Yan conversely began liking her immensely, and pined for her. On the other hand, Yeuk Yin’s good sister Zoi San also joined Cheuk Lai Yuen in order to train, hoping to become a professional dancer. She and Bo-lung turn from enemies to partners… In the end, the enmity of the two men over their identities, the relationship tangle of the two women and the fate of the four of them all come to a resolution through the event organised by the Imperial Palace.

Through the song and dance of Cheuk Lai Yuen and rivalry of the dancers, the lead characters singly hunt for their own individuality and identity, self-worth and goals in life, resulting in conflict, tension, love, all making up a riveting and captivating story.

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Myolie have trust that Joe Ma won’t Attack while being drunk

Yesterday Eric Tsang, Myolie Wu and Aimee Chan attended the McDonnald Monopoly fast food activity. As for the TVB Anniversary Gala, Kate Tsui pulls Myolie into the game to find Bosco Wong’s tongue, and was asked if “the discipline was serve for Bosco” Myolie said: “No, everyone have a fun time at the celebration, in fact, he’s really short, Moses Chan was quite funny.” As for Roses Chen unfortunate incident, Myolie said: “I have seen the photos, but don’t know the truth, Aimee and I have worked with Joe, and he’s a gentleman and he takes good care of the younger generation, so we don’t believe he would attack while being drunk.”


TVB Film Treasure Handover

TV King and Queen hot favorites Michael Tse and Myolie Wu attended the TVB Film Treasures Handover Ceremony along with Mag Lam, Miss HK Rebecca Zhu and Evergreen Mak. When speaking of the voting page on TVB’s official site (, Fala Chen’s advertisements are often popping up, it seems as if TVB is trying to help her boost the momentum. Regarding this, Myolie expressed she didn’t notice it, but felt that a healthy competition is good. Although Myolie’s votes has already surpassed Fala, there was not a drop of arrogance in her, Myolie said: “Thank you all for the support. (If you win on the votes, but lose the award, will you feel it’s unfair?) Well, I do want advertisers to immediately offer me jobs, but in fact Fala did very well in Lives of Omission. The ratings were good too, so she is a strong opponent.”

Wish and Switch

The story will be about Myolie Wu and Selena Li exchanging identities through a magical web site. It will use a lighthearted way to talk about perspectives on life. Originally, Myolie and Selena were people from different worlds, with one being a pretty housewife, and the other being a rich daughter-in-law. However, after exchanging identities (i.e., Myolie goes from being a housewife to a daughter-in-law, while Selena goes from being a daughter-in-law to a housewife), Johnson Lee unknowingly gets into bed with Selena, but Selena enjoys being a housewife, so is unwilling to exchange identities with Myolie again. To seduce her husband (Johnson), Myolie goes from being the wife to the third party, forcing the honest and sincere Johnson to have an affair.
– Myolie will play Fan Suk Heung (范淑香), a rich housewife. She is a fast food restaurant supervisor.
– Selena will play Hailey, Vincent Wong’s wife.
– Johnson will play Ku Ka Yan (顧家仁), a family-oriented husband and head of household. Although he does not have much money, he has a great sense of responsibility in his work, loves his family, and treats his wife well.
– Vincent will play a diamond bachelor who is a CEO of a Food and Beverage Enterprise. He will use Selena.
– Kiki Sheung will play Lui Wong (呂凰).
– Lau Kong will play Myolie’s father.
– Ram Tseung will play Angela Tong’s boyfriend.
– Tina Shek will play Yip Yuk Hing (葉玉卿), Angela’s daughter. She is Myolie and Johnson’s niece.
– Tony Yee will play Law Yau Fat (羅有發), a fast food restaurant manager.

Filming Pictures


Myolie Wu Love One Hundred Percent

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Myolie Wu enters the industry for 12 years, have tastes the glam of ups and down, but her acting career seems anxious to many people. She gained over 40lbs for a series, created a big spotlight for her. Many people use writting to represent artists, Lin 峯  is chok, Myolie is certainly 囧 (means upset/cry).

32 year-old Myolie Wu had said that she wants a family: “I want to have a family, but I feared that a person might not love me strongly enough. Living with a person is a lifetime commitement.”

Love One Hundred Percent

During Wars of In-Law, Myolie was rumored of falling in love with Bosco Wong her co-star. Both successfully acconplishes their sweetheart role on screen. Even though rumors was spread years ago, both still have not admit they’re dating.

Over the 12 years Myolie is now battled up with Fala Chen: “I have good confidence, but if win proves that I did well this year. I do not calculate the Anniversary Awards, win or lost means nothing at all, self-confidence and winning in heart is a thing to keep.