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Myolie trusts Bosco did not take advantage of her absences to play

Myolie Wu and Kevin Cheng attended a BMW car promotion activities. Speaking of Bosco’s earlier drunken behavior at a nightclub and was surrounded by sexy girls, she kindly said: “I have acknowledge the issue. He did not take advantage of my absences to play, I always give him a degree of freedom, and their business friends of his, chatting and socializing is normal, he was pleased to do his personal life, to me its not a big deal.” (Will you twist his ears?) “yes, he will also buy me a new car, just kidding! For him to be surrounded by girls are very common and that just proves that he’s a popular man that girls and guys wanted to reach.” Kevin Cheng also praised Myolie as kind-hearted girlfriend to Bosco and hope to find his true love someday.


Myolie Can’t Choose Between Bosco or Kevin for TV King

Myolie Wu is one of the hot favorites for this year’s TV Queen title. She said she won’t feel pressure, instead she has a normal mindset. Yesterday Myolie and Christine Kuo were shooting in Sam Shui Po for TVB new series Ghetto Justice II. This year Myolie’s two series Ghetto Justice and Curse of the Royal Harem has been gaining momentum, increasing her chances for the TV Queen title. She has also been described as overpowering Fala Chen’s popularilty from Lives of Omission. If Myolie really does get crowned TV Queen, which series does she hope to win for? She laughed: “I don’t know! As long as I get it! Just kidding! My evil role in Curse of the Royal Harem is controversial because I’m not really considered evil, after all characters in the palace are so human-oriented. As for Ghetto Justice, I only got the points in the final episode, so it’s hard to predict. I won’t think too much, just going to have a regular mindset, this is not for me to think about.”

Asked for which series she put more effort into? Myolie said: “Which series isn’t difficult to film? However, when comparing Curse, it was more difficult because the characters have great ups and downs, but the most important is the good TV ratings and audience enjoy watching. The entire cast and crew really put in the effort to produce the series.” As the public is often comparing Myolie to Fala? She said: “I don’t feel it, thanks for all the support. I am actually quite happy already, the award is just a bonus.”

Reporters teased Kevin Cheng is Myolie’s on-screen lover, but Bosco Wong is her actual lover in reality. Myolie was asked who she wanted to win the TV Queen award with? She smiled sweetly: “Can do that? Leave this for the audience to decide! (It will be a memory for you and Bosco?) This is not my decision, have to see how the audience reacts.”

Also, Christine Kuo and Kevin were rumored during filming, but Christine felt sorry: “After the report came out, I am so sorry! He just randomly dragged into the issue. I am just concentrating on my work. (Does boyfriend Joey Law mind?) He doesn’t mind. We are all in this industry and understand.”